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Yet another update

So a few days ago we had a staff meeting at flying spider. It started at 830, but I didn’t show up until 930 because I was sleeping. My AGM texted me, and he was like where are u man? I’m like sorry bro I fell asleep, do u still want me to come? He goes well you won something so… I’m like I’m on my way! Once I got there, everyone was pretty much just chillin on the couches and listened to shift leads talking. It wasn’t until the end of the meeting until I found out what I won. The owner Ash called some people up to him and gave them a smoothie king coupon. Then he called 5 more people up to him and gave them a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card. All of them did well on certain things so that was their reward. Then Ash said there was one individual who really deserves this $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card. He cleaned up the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life. And for this, he is also employee of the month. Lucas come up here. I was like holy shit! I couldn’t believe I was employee of the month despite the fact I was an hour late. I was pretty happy. I’m planning on going to Cheesecake Factory tonight with some friends and then going to go see the new Star Wars afterwards. It should be a pretty fun night. Today is basically my last school day. I’m so excited, yet somewhat sad because in a way I’m gonna miss some people.

Just a little update

So nothing is really new with me lately. I’ve pretty much am done with all of my class work. The only thing I have left to do is my finite math final packet and a few more blog posts. I’m very excited to be pretty much done with high school. I’m thinking of doing the school lock in because everyone I’ve talked to about it said it was awesome. The only thing is, well I am only going to go if I have friends that can go with me. Otherwise i think it would be boring as hell. So this morning I woke up, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, and went outside to my car. Now when I went to start my car, nothing happened. The battery had died. Good think my moms car was right next to me, and I knew how to jumpstart a car. So ya i had to jumpstart my car this morning. What a great way to start the morning off lol. Then today in creative writing, I had to turn in some stand up comedy jokes in which I will be performing in front of my class tomorrow. One of the is, “so you know the saying treat others the way you want to be treated? Well when my neighbor says “hi” to me, I don’t say anything back.” So after creative writing, I typed my last last essay in 3rd hour so that felt pretty relieving. Afterwards, I got signed out and went home.


Academic update

Haven’t given you guys an update on my school life in a while. So I am going to graduate next week. I only have about 4 school days left this semester and I’m super excited to be done with high school. I was suppose to be exempting 5 out of my 6 finals, but unfortunate that number went down to 4. This is mainly due my last quiz I took in finite math. I don’t know why, but somehow I got a 60% on it. I checked with my teacher if I can retake it and he said no. Then I asked him if the next test we took which was today would bring my grade back up to an A. He said even if u get a 100% on it, then your grade would be a 89.4%. You need an 89.5% to exempt it. I was pretty pissed when he told me that. I just took the test today, and I pretty sure I aced it. One of my friends who is in the same class as me, but in a different hour told me that he was letting people retake the quiz in his class since everyone did so poorly on it. He said that 3 people were retaking a quiz in his class yesterday. So today, I asked my teacher if he was letting people in his other class retake the quiz and he said no. I feel like he’s lying. But it is what it is. There nothing I can do. After this semester, I will be attending St. Louis wildwood community college for a semester to knock out some college credit hours. I’m taking college algebra, psychology, intro to philosophy, and history. Once I graduate high school, I think I get a 2 week break longer than everyone else so that’s pretty nice. Afterwards, I will be going to mizzou in the fall, so I’m extremely pumped for that. It’s gonna be so nice not having to worry about high school anymore. Now I have to worry about college lol.


Reflection on poetry slam

After memorizing my poem the day finally came. It was the day I had to read my poem in front of about 50 people. I was nervous as hell. As soon as I got to the wolf I chugged down at least a half gallon of water in less than 5 min. My hands were sweaty super sweaty. It was actually kind of funny because I brought like 6 people in my family. Everyone else pretty much brought there mom and dad. Mr Durham started the show with his classic stand up comedy. I don’t really remember any of it, but it was pretty funny. Billy then took over the microphone and introduced us to everyone. The show started off by some blurbs from short stories followed by the poems. I was fourth to go. I watched anxiously as the first 3 people went. Now I was super nervous, then billy said “please welcome to the stage, Lucas Pylipow.” I took a few breaths and let loose. It’s a entirely different experience when your actually talking in front of a bunch of people. It’s like a euphoric nervousness. Anyways I spoke my poem like it was a piece of cake. Once I finished, everyone gave me a round of applause and I sat back down in my seat. Overall I think that I am more confident in myself speech wise. Just practice as much as you can and don’t think about the people. Think about what you rehearsed and you will be perfectly fine.



If you get grossed out easily, then don’t read this.

Alright… so y’all know I already work at flying spider, and I like it. The bathrooms have always been in pristine condition. Well at least they were for a while until 2 individuals had to fuck it up. So I’m working the cash register one day, and my manager asks me if I can go do a bathroom check. I’m like “ight”. So I’m walking to the men’s bathroom, and when I got to the door, something smelled like shit. I’m like oh god this isn’t gonna be good. So I opened up the door and walked in, and I straight up walked out like 5 seconds later because the smell was horrible. I walked back in after I could get as much fresh air as I could then embraced my nose for round 2. I walked back in, checked the urinals, and they were all good. Then I opened up the first stall door and saw that the toilet was about to flood. Then I opened up the second stall door and I was immediately in shock. Some kid had explosive diarrhea and literally shit all over the toilet and the ground. He threw his crap infested pants in the toilet to dispose of the evidence lol. He used the stall walls as a rag to wipe all the crap off his hands too. And even worse, shit was in the sink. It was by far the worst thing I’ve seen while at work. I had to clean all of it up which absolutely sucked. The next day I went into work to pick up my paycheck, and my manager gave me a mask and said “put this on and go into the restroom.” I put it on and walked in. I was greeted by looking at a urinal full of shit. Yes… someone had shit in the urinal.


Poetry slam

So a few weeks ago, my creative writing teacher gave us a choice for our final. Publish a short story, or read a poem at The wolf Cafe. I decided to take the easier option and read a poem. I had already written a short story, but it wasn’t that good. All of the formatting and publishing would have been a painful and long process. I learned that I’m actually Better at poetry then I am writing short stories. Here is the poem I’m going to read. It’s called true lies Let me know what you think about it.

Every word they said were lies. Black heart less lies that penetrate your soul. They were all phonies. The truth is like looking through crystal clear water. Lies resemble a dirty window. All of the dirty crap on the window distracts you from what you really want to see. Every word I heard tasted like a scoop of bitter fakeness. Their words piled on top of my mountain. It felt like it would never end. I was suprised there nose weren’t growing like Pinocchio’s. There fake laughter swallowed my heart into despair. There words of humor brought me into depression. I felt like I was on the Truman show. Every word they said was simply just a prompt. I started to realize, every sentence traveled my railroad of curiosity. I was always thinking. Every word I thought was true backfired down the left lane. The left lane looked like 530pm highway traffic. Never ending. The right lane, however was empty, waiting for the truth to appear. It’s abandoned road sparked anger into my heart. I was always thinking, if I start to lie, then will the truth appear?


Black Friday

Black Friday weekend is definitely one of my favorite weekends. The deals are just unbelievable on just about everything. Last year I went to Best Buy and picked up a 55 inch 4K Samsung TV for $450. Now tell me that’s not a deal. During this Black Friday, my eyes were definitely scoped on an electric skateboard. It took me a long time to figure out which one I wanted to get, but I went with the enertion raptor 2. I ended up saving myself about $400 dollars due to free shipping and a 10 percent discount code. The code was 2short2push. I thought it was a clever code because enertions motto is life is to short to push. I am going to receive my board in March which kind of blows for the amount of money I paid, but I’m not really mad about it. One, Its the most powerful electric skateboard on the market, and two, quality is extremely important to enertion. Every board they ship has to be perfect. Also who’s going to skate in the winter when it’s 20 degrees outside. No one. I’m going to me snowboarding a lot in the winter so it all works out great. Overall, I am super excited to receive my board.