Goped life 

So I had a pretty big accomplishment today. Now you may be asking what does an accomplishment have to do with a goped, and what the hell is a goped? For starters, a goped is a stand up gas scooter. I got my first goped when I was 14 years old, and I thought that it was the best toy I could ever have. I treated that thing like it was my first car. I kept it shiny and I kept the engine well cleaned. I wasn’t satisfied with the 20 mph top speed, so I did some upgrades to the engine to increase the speed to 30 mph. After about a year of owning it, I took it out for a ride one day, and all of a sudden I heard a loud snap as I was riding it. I looked at the engine and it completely snapped off of the frame of the scooter. I was so pissed because I would have to buy a new engine in order to fix it. I did not have $500 to spend on a new engine so it just set my garage for another three years. When I got home from school yesterday, I didn’t have work, And I had nothing to do the entire day. So I came up with the idea that I want to try to fix my go ped. Then all of the sudden a genius idea appeared in my head. The idea was to get a ratchet down and tie the engine to the gas tank that is on the opposite side of the frame. I made a quick trip to Lowe’s for a ratchet down and some JB Weld just in case I need it. I got home and attached the ratchet down to the scooter and tried to wiggle the engine. The engine did not move at all so I knew it was on tight and my idea might have worked. I put some gas in it, but it immediately it started leaking all over the place. Now I was really pissed. I had just spent an hour and a half reassembling the scooter and attaching the ratchet down and now it’s leaking gas all over the place. I said to myself “fuck.” I tried to figured out where the leak was occurring, but I couldn’t. So I got some JB Weld and patched up the places I thought it could be leaking. After patching up the spots in the fuel tank and in the fuel lines, I had to let the JB Weld dry. I came home from school today and put more gas in to the goped to see if the leaking has stopped. And guess what, it stopped fucking leaking. I was so happy. I cranked on the engine after it’s three years of silence, and I was so glad to hear that sweet sound of rumble. I hopped on the scooter opened my Speedometer app, and hopped on Kehrs Mill Road. I was booking it 33 mph down that road praying that there wasn’t a cop around. At the end of the day I felt so glad that I fixed my scooter because I thought it would be broke forever. I thought it was pretty funny that it only took me three years to think of only needing a ratchet down and som JB weld to fix my scooter.

Racquetball life

The first time ever saw a racquetball court was at my dads apartment complex. I walked in the court and I said “Dad what is this?”  He told me it was a racquetball court and at the time I didn’t know what that was. He explained me what it was and I want to try it out. It ended up that he’d actually played racquetball when he was younger. He had a racket and a few balls but I didn’t. So we went to target and bought a cheap $10 racket. We then went to the racquetball court and just did a couple rallies so I could practice.  The next day we went back to the court and he explained to me the rules. I had gotten the hang of hitting the ball consistently at this point.  The first game I’ve played he beat me 20 to 0. I felt horrible at the game. But whenever I would get off school I would go up to the court and just practice by myself . If I had a friend nearby, I would ask him to go with me. It’s took me about a year of playing racquetball do actually get good at it. My brother actually got pretty hooked to the game as well. Except he’s like 1 million times better than me. He plays like professional. I don’t play racquetball as a full on sport because it’s not really that popular, but if I ever get the free time, I like to go out there and have some fun. Now that I’m 17 I have gained a lot more strength than I did 10 years ago so I can hit the ball a lot harder now. I have also beat my brother and quite a few games but he still better than me. If you’re ever trying to get away from tennis, and want to try something different, I would suggest to try racquetball.

Game life

I love video games. I have play video games since I was a kid. Mainly on PlayStation four. Screw Xbox LOL. The first game I started with was call of duty modern warfare two. That game in my opinion is one of the funnest games in the world. The first time I started playing that game I would get super annoyed from all the people with microphones. They would not just shut up. So one day my dad and I go to Best Buy to get a microphone so I can specifically tell people to shut up. Little did I know I could simply just mute them.  But I got a microphone anyway so I could talk to friends when we would play. I only had one friend that had a PlayStation at the time so it was kind of boring listening to him 24 seven. I think that video games can really help increase one’s reaction time . It does take a lot of skill to play first person shooter games. Once you get good at the game, it is one of the funnest things to do.I think the video games can help you be more social, and it’s another way to just relax and have fun. Only bad thing about playing first person shooter games is it can really make you rage. It can get really annoying when someone kills you 15 times in a row, or if you lose 15 times in a row. But practice makes perfect. If you ever want to start playing video games I would highly recommend getting the PS4.

Writing life

By all means I am no professional writer. I always liked to make short stories when I was younger. My main goal was to add suspense in my stories to keep the reader hooked.  I am currently writing a short story about three best friends who get a plane crash.  They crashed the great Mountains of Colorado. They learned that the nearest town is over 30 miles away walking distance. They work together to survive and to find to a way back to civilization. They go through many obstacles emotionally and physically, which adds suspense to the novel. I haven’t read many books. But most of the ones that I have read suck. They are too long and too slow. Nothing really happens till the end of the book. The only book I liked was called “among the hidden” by margret Peterson. It’s a very good series because it has so much suspense. I actually read the entire series. If you knew me, you would think that is impressive lol. I would suggest you read it. Now back to writing… if you haven’t really tried free writing before, I would suggest you do so. It kinda helps you vent if you know what I mean. Regardless if anyone is gonna read it or not. Since I started free writing, I’ve found myself to be less stressed out. If something negative happens throughout my day, I will write about and I’ll feel better. Plus one day you can go back and read what you wrote and be like, “haha I remember how shitty that day was.”

Work life

Work is one of those things you just have to do.  If you don’t work, then you don’t make money. Money is the like a back bone. If you don’t have a back bone, then you won’t survive.  Alright  enough with the backbone crap. Lets talk about me. I work at a pretty sick trampoline park. It’s called Flying spider. Now, you may be asking, what the hell is flying spider? Well it’s basically like sky zone, but on steroids. We have litterly so much shit to do there. We have a America ninja warrior course, a zip line, super trampolines, regular trampolines, trapeze and much more. The first time you walk into that park, your like this is cool. I don’t think you can ever get bored there. Well if you work there, then it can get pretty boring.  Our job is to make sure people don’t get hurt. In other words, we blow a loud whistle at people who break the rules and tell them not to break the rules. It’s a pretty easy job and I like it. I am actually proud to be apart of working there because I helped build the actual park itself before it opened. Man was that fun. Me and a few other guys who got hired were asked to come in and help build the park for $10 an hour. We all replied with “hell ya”. We helped assemble to ninja course along with setting up all the equipment. We did this for a whole week. Now take note this was before flying spider actually opened. But if you’ve never been to flying spider, I would suggest to go check it out because you will have a great time.